Production operations of the PeopleSoft application suite can present challenges to any organization. Talent, resource, and budget constraints can tax organizations attempting to sustain internally hosted and managed PeopleSoft solutions. By adopting Summit's hosting solutions, clients can realize the benefits of Summit’s reliable infrastructure to keep their mission-critical operations running smoothly.  Summit Hosting Services are SLA-driven engagements that ensure that PeopleSoft application services meet the organizations reliability and availability needs, achieve cost and staff goals, and ensure that experienced application expertise is standing behind those services.

Client Case Studies


Through partnership with Summit, ABM has leveraged Summit’s broad PeopleSoft skills sets that they found difficult to bring in-house to manage their cost structure for IT and PeopleSoft operations.

Children's of Alabama

Children's Human Resources department main objective was to become a paperless environment. To reach this goal, the Summit team executed a three-phased implementation approach for PeopleSoft Modules.


Customer needed to implement new module(s), optimize system functionality, upgrade systems for compliance purposes, and to regain eligibility for Oracle Support.