WorkCenters – Tools of the Trade

Gain productivity by leveraging PeopleSoft 9.2 WorkCenters

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WorkCenters are centers where you work – seriously, they are user portals where all key components from applications are centralized in one spot giving users the ability to perform daily tasks specific to their role in the organization. All of the necessary pages (functions, analytics, data, etc.) are accessible from this one place, the WorkCenter, eliminating navigation to and through multiple menus and streamlining business processes.

Pagelets (setup, maintenance, and personalization), dashboards, and pivot grids combine to complete a WorkCenter. There are four types of pagelets:

  1. My Work Pagelet - links targeted to daily access pages
  2. Links Pagelet - additional links to areas of interest including external links
  3. Queries Pagelet - links to Query Manager, public and private queries (customizable), and pivot grids
  4. Reports and Processes Pagelet – links to run control page for reports and processes and the Reporting Console.

Dashboards are comprised of a high level view of business manager operations and a launching point to perform imperative tasks. Dashboards also incorporate pivot grids based on PSQueries. They can display results in various formats including grid, chart, or both. Pivot Grids can also be displayed on the user’s home page as a pagelet and to the Queries tab in the relative WorkCenter.

You can have multiple WorkCenters aligned to various roles; however, the job of structuring the delivered and empty WorkCenters falls to the system administrator. Pre-built WorkCenter pages are delivered in 9.2. Administrators can customize these or they can create their own WorkCenters. While this requires some time spent on the front-end making business process design choices the reward is a highly customized and efficient tool.

The streamlined navigation and role-specific customization of WorkCenters prove to be a useful and effective tool. And what master craftsman, or administrator for that matter, doesn’t want a new and extremely useful tool to add to their belt?

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WorkCenters – Tools of the Trade

Gain productivity by leveraging PeopleSoft 9.2 WorkCenters